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Jiangxi Jiangte Lithium Battery Materials Co., Ltd Introduce


Jiangxi Jiangte Lithium Battery Materials Co., Ltd., located in Yichun – a cultural and ecological city in western Jiangxi, is a high-tech new energy company controlled by the listed company - Jiangte Motor (stock code 002176) and a high-tech enterprise combining the basic research, product development, production, sales and the provision of new energy clean solutions as a whole. The main products include lithium-rich manganese-based cathode materials for lithium ion batteries and ternary series cathode materials. The Company adopts a unique preparation process and is equipped with an advanced lithium-ion cathode material production line based on its own design. It has strong capabilities of independent R&D and innovation, independent intellectual property rights and more than 10 national patents for invention. The company has more than 100 employees and covers an area of 10.67 hectares. It has an annual output of 1,200 tons of lithium-rich manganese-based cathode materials and ternary materials. The company has always been committed to the research and development of cathode materials for lithium ion battery and is leading the direction of the development of cathode materials in the field of new energy cathode materials. Relying on Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, the company has developed a series of lithium-rich manganese-based cathode materials and it is the first in the world to achieve the industrialization. When charging or discharging under the condition of 2.75-4.6V, 0.1C, the specific discharge capacity can reach up to 250mAh/g. under the condition of 2.75-4.2V, 1C, the specific discharge capacity can reach to 100-130mAh/g (different models with different specific capacity). The compaction density is kept above 3.2g/cm, the battery pack cycle life is above 2500 times; the high-temperature cycle performance is superior and the 200-cycle capacity retention rate at 55℃ is 93%. It has superior safety that passes the 3C/10V overcharge experiment and no inflation occurs on the prepared battery, which is especially suitable for power batteries for electric vehicles, electric bicycles and energy storage power sources. The company produces three models of ternary materials, viz. L532, L442 and L111, to meet different needs of customers. The L532 products, with the gram capacity of 155-160mAh/g, the good cycle performance and the 500-cycle capacity retention rate above 90%, are mainly used in digital batteries; the L442 and L111 products, with the gram capacity of 145-150mAh/g, the stable cycle performance and the cycle life more than 1500 times, can be applied to digital batteries, power tools, power batteries for vehicles and other fields. Three models of the ternary materials have good high temperature storage performance and low hygroscopicity. Battery-grade salts are adopted as the raw materials for the ternary materials. In the entire production process, the impurity contamination, esp. the iron pollution, is strictly controlled and the advanced iron removing device is equipped, to ensure the final product purity. The particle size is also strictly controlled, with the particle size deviation range of the precursor controlled within ± 0.5μm and that of the finished product controlled within ± 1.0μm. In the manufacturing, the secondary firing process is adopted to ensure stable crystal structure and surface properties for the product. The company has a high-level testing and R&D platform. In 2012, the company set up the “Jiangxi Lithium Battery Materials Engineering and Technological Research Center" after being approved by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The Center has established a sound testing and R&D system, the Materials R&D Engineering Center, the Physical and Chemical Testing Center for Lithium Battery Materials and the Battery Production and Testing Center. It has purchased a large number of advanced testing equipment, such as PANalytical X-ray diffractometer, Germany Zeiss scanning electron microscope, Oxford Energy Disperse Spectroscopy, US PE ICP, Malvern laser particle size analyzer, as well as carbon and sulfur analyzer. The company controls the physical and electrochemical properties of each batch of materials strictly, in order to ensure the quality conformance and stability of manufactured products. The company provides the customer with strong technical support and perfect after-sales services, and has the cathode materials customized according to the customer's specific needs. We sincerely welcome you to visit Yichun, discuss the cooperation issue and seek common development.